dimanche 11 juin

5 A/C: Home swap!

Mr Forbes’house is in Illinois. There’s a garden with a barbecue. There aren’t any bikes, but there’s a swimming-pool. There’s a dishwasher in the kitchen. There are three bedrooms : one downstairs, and two upstairs. There’s only one bathroom, but there are two toilets.  
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jeudi 08 juin

5 A/C: Teens Talk, P.60

Objectif : Je sais décrire mon endroit favori chez moi.  Up to you: «  I like…… best because there is/there are……….., and I can…. . It’s great for…….   There isn’t…… but I don’t mind! »   At home, my favourite place is my room, because there is all my stuff ( my computer, my books, my clothes). There isn’t much space, just enough for my bedside table and my closet (= placard)! But I don’t mind, it’s my space !
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lundi 05 juin

5 A/C: L'existence

Quand on veut parler de l’existence (ou la non-existence) de quelque chose, on se sert de THERE + BE (not). 1)    Au présent :  There is a desk, an there are blue curtains. There isn’t a desk, and there aren’t any curtains.   2)    Au passé :  There was a basketball hoop, and there were loads of flowers. There wasn’t a desk, and there weren’t any curtains.   3)    L’anglais et le Français fonctionnent donc différemment pour parler de... [Lire la suite]
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mardi 30 mai

5 A/C: My favourite places at home, P 60.

Objectif : Je sais parler des endroits que je préfère chez moi. Mary likes her room best : there is all her stuff in it. There are blue curtains because blue is her favourite colour. Her room is small, there isn’t much space, but she doesn’t mind (= it is not important). William likes the alleys between the blocks of flats because there are no cars and it’s great for skateboarding. Noah’s favourite place is the garage. There’s all his music stuff. Last year, there was a lot of junk in the garage, but they cleared... [Lire la suite]
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