"Dancing in the street" in a song first recorded in 1964 by The Vandellas. It was produced as an innoncent dance single( it became the precursor of the Disco movement in the 1970's).

But, it took on a different meaning when riots (= émeutes) in American citiesled to young black demonstrators citing the song as a civil rights anthem ( =hymne) to socila changes. Some radio stations took the song off their play list!


In 1985, a second version was done by David Bowie and Mick Jagger as a duo, as part of the Live Aid charity movement.

In a survey ( = sondage), the song was voted as the top song the British would play at street parties in celebrations.. And in 2011, celebrating the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, All the Londoneers ( and tourists) danced and sang it in the street of the English capital city.