jeudi 22 septembre

3C: Who are you in a group?

I’m a doer because doing nothing is not for me, and I always love what I do! I’m a thinker : I usually think before acting. I’m a helper because my friends can count on me and I don’t mind helping. I’m an organizer because I’m great at dealing out tasks ! I’m à joker : I like having fun and laughing. That’s what I can do.   1) Le nom verbal = V + ing ( pour parler d’activités). 2) What = ce que : introduit une proposition complétive ( = complément du verbe) 3) New Words: - Hands-on = mis en pratique -... [Lire la suite]
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lundi 19 septembre

3C: The colour quiz ( page 12)

"I’m very shy and honest, but I’m not fearful at all.. I’m quite headstrong and impatient, but I’m not very hard-working.  I’m a bit irresponsible, quite confident, and extremely caring and tolerant."   Opposites : fearful # bold         Headstrong # Easy-going          caring # self-centred      hard-working # Lazy Honest # Dishonest        Confident # Unsure Shy # Outgoing... [Lire la suite]
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mercredi 14 septembre

3c: Know who you are ( page 12)

Ready for your personality quiz? I am not comfortable taking risks. I often feel nervous with strangers ( = people I don’t know) . Hard work is not a problem for me, and I usually tell the truth ( = it’s true).  I often ask how my friends feel, and I can accept differences in other people. I often act before thinking !!! I generally feel that I’m right, and I don’t often change my plans to please others. I always complain ( = moan = say you are fed up). Adverbes de fréquence.
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dimanche 11 septembre

3C: That is so me! (page 10)

Who takes part in a club? Who has an activity after school? At week-ends? - In Windsor, in Canada, a bunch of boys are playing ice hockey. - In Australia, the girls are canoeing down the Murray River. - In Cardiff, in Wales, boys are playing music in a school club. - In Limerick, Ireland, they’re making green foam ( = mousse) for St Patrick’sDay ( many people wear green that day). - Girls are planting flowers in the streets of New-York, in the USA.  
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jeudi 08 septembre


1) Comment l'employer? C'est un temps du passé, utilisé pour évoquer des évènements totalement coupés du présent, et précisés dans le temps par un marqueur. Ex: Last summer, I visited London, and I ate fish and chips. 2) Comment le conjuguer? - IL n'a qu'une seule marque de conjugaion: ED à la fin de la base verbale, et uniquement à la forme affirmative (sauf pour les verbes irréguliers, voir en page152). ex: He played, we danced, they listened... - Pour les questions, on se sert de l'auxiliaire DID, et le verbe ne se conjugue... [Lire la suite]
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mardi 06 septembre

3e: After the summer (3)

Now, write a short text and tell us about your summer holidays... This summer, I had great holidays! We went camping in the "Landes", next to the sea, with Mum, Dad, and my brother. The weather was gorgeous... so hot and sunny! So, every day, we went biking in the forest and swimming in the sea. We also tried surfing, it was excellent, but exhausting!. At night, we had barbecues, and then we played cards or had "disco nights" at the teens'club. We met lots of people. It was the perfect dream holiday! - Preterit: temps du récit ,... [Lire la suite]
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dimanche 04 septembre

3e: After the summer (2)

Brainstorming: Find as many adjectives as you can!   Amazing, alone,abroad Open, original, odd Boring, briliant, brown Pretty, perfect, popular Cool, cute, cold, crazy Quiet, quick Dark, delicious, dangerous Rainy, rare, relaxing Excellent, exciting, exhausting Sunny, stupid, super, strange Fantastic, famous, fast, friendly Touristic, terrific, tired Great, gorgeous Unique, ugly, unlucky Hot, haunted, horrible Various,... [Lire la suite]
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jeudi 01 septembre

After the summer....

Brainstorming about holidays;       MIND MAP: Weather / Places / People / Means of transport / Activities / Sports > find 3 words corresponding to each of these words: * Means of Transport: (car, plane, train.)  * Weather: (cloudy, hot, sunny)   * Activities: ( reading, swimming, listening to music) * Sports: ( scubadiving, paragliding, surfing)  * Places: ( museums, landscapes, castle)   * People: ( family, friends, sisters) Use them and write a short texte about... [Lire la suite]
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